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Apsis Proje was established in 2010 in Istanbul to provide electrical project, consultancy and training services. Turkey issue given by addressing the whole, housing, health, education, industrial, sports, entertainment, worship, country, etc. electrical project services, when in England, Germany, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Poland, Kosovo, United Arab Emirates, Georgia expanded to […]

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Product that using on projects

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You can get information from us for the details of the products used in the projects.

  • Relevant product specifications and compatibility checks
  • After sales support and ensuring continuity

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Our Team

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We goal is more better comfortible life area.

Company timeline / Important dates

This is what we do


Apsis kuruluşu


Elektrik proje, danışmanlık ve eğitim hizmetleri vermek üzere İstanbul’da kurulmuştur.