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Apsis Proje prefers and demands to provide professional consultancy services in the field application stages of all the projects it undertakes. The selection of field teams, material preferences and application stages of the facilities whose projects have been completed and have entered the tender process are checked, reported and submitted […]


ELECTRICITY FOR ARCHITECTS Apsis Proje provides education services to architecture and decoration offices to convey the approaches they need in electrical discipline. The dimensions of the electrical volumes required for a facility, their positioning on the building, the support areas required by the devices used in energy distribution are explained […]

Healthy lighting designs

As a necessity of modern times, 80% of daily life is spent indoors and blending the facts of lighting technologies, Apsis Proje offers a training package on how to make the most healthy lighting in decoration projects. The duration of the training on the lighting intensity required by the space, […]

Projects services

You can get information from us for the details of the products used in the projects. Relevant product specifications and compatibility checks After sales support and ensuring continuity


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Our website has been prepared open to volunteer authors, away from the classical static structure, providing information about the needs of the sector apart from portfolio information, creating a discussion environment and allowing original sharing.

Thus, we aim to share information and to make the information gained through consultations accessible.

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